First, and foremost, the bad news. You should allow at least 10% of the purchase price to cover your costs. For example if you are buying a property for 100,000€ then you must have at least 110,000€ in hand or available.

Once we find a property for you that you wish to buy we will ask you to make an offer for the property. Now a bit of negotiation takes place. We will then contact the vendor on your behalf and put forward your offer and we will at this stage try and get the best deal for you. WE WANT A SALE, and, to KEEP YOU HAPPY then we can have you recommend us to your friends and family!

YES we want to grow with your help.

Hopefully an agreed figure will be reached and we can move on. You may at this stage want to arrange for a surveyor (topógrafo) to inspect the property for defects ect. Once you are happy you will then be required to sign a sales reservation contract “contrato de arras”. This is fairly standard document that states the terms and conditions of the purchase, including the price, the deposit required, and the time frame for signing at the Notary and completion etc. At this stage the small deposit is usually about 10%.

This then secures the sale. This contract will be conditional that if you decide to pull out of the transaction, the vendor may keep the deposit paid and if the vendor pulls out, then he has to return the deposit & usually pay you compensation. Once this has been done its now down for the legalities to be carried out by both sides and their legal representatives. Among other things checks will be made to make sure that there will no debts on the property on completion and that all the paper work is done and that everything is legal and there are no encumbrances . It goes without saying that the rest of the monies due must be available and paid on completion

We will ask the vendor for receipts to show that all the utility bills, community fees and local rates are in order and up to date.
It is important to note that WE ARE NOT AFFLIATED with any legal advisers. If you wish, and the choice is yours, we will be happy to shop around on your behalf. This service we will provide free of charge.

Should you require a loan or mortgage we will be able to help.

Having an NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero) number is a must for purchasing a property and most other things as well, like buying a car. We will help and guide you through the process of obtaining your NIE. If you are from the European Union this is a fairly straight forward process. If you are from a country outside the EU it’s a little bit more complicated.

You will need a Spanish bank account, and once again we will help you with opening one.