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It can be really complicated trying to buy (or sell) a property in Tenerife.  Most of these complications don’t need to be there and the process can be simple if only agents would listen to your needs, answer your emails promptly and not try to pigeonhole you into what they want to sell you.

So we would like to welcome you to Dorada Properties, where our goal is to make it simple for you to invest in the property this wonderful island has to offer.  But before we get to know each other, let me assure you:

  • We will reply to you promptly
  • We will listen to you carefully
  • We will respond to your questions honestly

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Why buy a property in Tenerife?

Why buy a property in Tenerife? Well, if the question has come up it means that you have been to the island and fallen in love as most people do, or, you have been sold the island by a friend or relative who has been to the island. Of course, if contemplating buying a property then there is nothing more important than seeing the island first-hand. Tenerife being part of Spain and in the EU ensures that the quality of life is of a very high standard. The island also has a rich cultural heritage.

Of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife is the largest in the archipelago. Tenerife is the only island in the group that has two airport thus welcoming millions of people all year round every year. The island offers these people almost all they want, be it adventure, relaxation, water sports, nature gazing, hiking, partying, etc. Basically, having a good time with amazing weather. Yes the sun shines every single day all year round. There is also the possibility of snow (in winter months) on the highest peak in Spain, our volcanic mount Teide.

Away from the mountains, Tenerife’s coastline is very beautiful consisting of spectacular cliffs, sandy beaches and fantastic holiday resorts.

All the major towns, cities and resorts are easily accessible with good roads. The inland roads to some of the mountain villages can be quite tricky.

The views are spectacular and diverse. From most places there will be an ocean view and a mountain view. In the right places the sunsets on the island are a sight to be seen best enjoyed sitting down with a nice drink and some tapas.

In the middle of the island mount Teide sticks out like a huge cone a little under 4000 m high this being the highest point of the island. The terrain is rugged and because of the variety of micro climates the landscapes take different and various forms. This results in semi-desert areas, vertical cliffs, valleys of rich tropical and semi tropical expanses and large areas of pine forests. The variety of flora and fauna is extensive and is a result of the strange variety of micro climates.

For the adventurer Tenerife is still a great place. Most information and articles about the island concentrate on a small part, but there is the rest of the island, which is a must for the explorer and is still left unspoilt. The varied landscape the views and discoveries that can unfold will give you a constant WOW feeling.

Owning a property in Tenerife is a very exciting prospect for so many people from Europe and the nearer cold countries in the northern hemisphere. There is also a particular attraction from those in the UK where the weather is dull wet and dingy.

Although speaking Spanish is an advantage the English speakers can get by comfortably on the island as English is widely understood. The indigenous people, while proud of their Canarian heritage and Spanish nationality, are polite and friendly to individuals from all countries, and enjoy a truly multi-cultural society.

Some of the reasons for buying a property in Tenerife could be for:

  • Wanting to be happy and emigrating
  • Retirement
  • Investment/ buy to let
  • Easy wonderful happy family life
  • Cost of living/food /drink

The cost of living in Tenerife is generally much lower than elsewhere in Europe. The cost of alcohol and cigarettes being substantially lower.

Healthcare is excellent on the island and is covered for those from the European Union.
Property prices are lower than most European countries PLUS if you add in the weather fresh air and the way of life WOW.

Legal documents are in Spanish but translations are available to cater for all European and Russian languages